PFTL will be a multiyear program in which students develop the skills to succeed in industry in stages throughout their doctoral program, just as they develop research and innovation skills during this period. As they progress through this program, students will:

  1. Become aware of career directions through meeting professionals, mentors and advisors and begin to develop a professional network
  2. Develop and practice skills that will allow them to find, interview for and then succeed in industry positions and also create a network for their job search in partnership with two mentors. Participants will also pursue internships or job shadowing opportunities.
  3. Find jobs in close partnership with the PHutures office and HireHopkins.

We also expect that students will check back as their career progresses and ideally will be willing to contribute to as mentors and shadowing following the completion of their Ph.D. and this program and starting employment.

The program will be organized around a “passport.” At each step in the program, participants will receive “stamps” that reflect their participation in different program aspects. Each year we will have a party to celebrate graduates (along with their job offers) to which we also invite graduates from prior years as a networking opportunity.